When the muscular strength is expressed through high speed executions, the “vigor” of the physical power is at its best. VIGOR7 includes in the fabric the expression of this power, collecting the energy and enhancing its release! The prime purpose of VIGOR7 technology is to guarantee the explosive force of any physical movement, a breakthrough achieved by a unique reduction of muscular vibration which leads to improved performance.
An optimal compression of blood vessels increase the blood flow, with positive consequences on muscle oxygenation and carbon oxide/lactic acid disposal.
This quality improve muscle energy creation, and thanks to items pressure it is possible to observe a reduction in muscle vibration and increasing resistance.
During physical activity, the athlete produces heat and requires (needs) to “ventilate” the body in order to maintain his body at the perfect temperature. It is therefore necessary to use a fabric that guarantees excellent moisture management and maximum comfort.
This polyester material allows the perspiration which occurs as water vapour to exit through the fabric. Airduct, the optimum technique for regulating the athlete’s body temperature, is a technology applied to the fabric with permanent guaranteed benefits for every type of activity.
Bodymapping allows analyzing how the body is able to manage its temperature and sweat during sport activities. This way, it is possible to find out priority areas of the body, where temperature and sweat are linked to gender, physical characteristics. climatic conditions.