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Esteemed friends, testimonials and stars took time out of their busy schedule to share a few impressions on their longstanding relationship with the House, tracing back to their most memorable red carpet moments, all-time favorite looks and the confidence they radiate whenever wearing the brand’s designs, along with expressing their heartfelt appreciation and admiration for Giorgio Armani himself, his inspiring philosophy and timeless aesthetic appeal.

Listen to celebrities open up about the meaning and values they associate or attribute to the word "Armani" - what readily springs to mind: from their earliest and fondest memories to how the term continues to speak to them personally.

Uma Thurman

The American actress speaks dearly of the designer and his namesake brand, feeling fortunate to have met him and to have worn so many of his creations. She considers Giorgio Armani to be a fashion hero, applauding his tireless work ethic and incredible achievements with his collections, season after season.

Alex Zanardi

The Italian athlete takes pride in Armani for representing excellence and know-how throughout the world, feeling privileged to have met the man behind it all and to have witnessed Mr. Armani's energy firsthand. The brand, to him, is and always will be synonymous with creativity, innovation and undisputed quality.

Ian Thorpe

The Australian champion swimmer shares his excitement in meeting Mr. Armani for the first time, envying his seemingly inexhaustible energy and strong attention to detail while at the same time admiring his efforts to bring beauty to the world through style, with a lifestyle to match.

Naomi Watts

The British actress and film producer shares her impressions about the brand, calling to mind some of her best red carpet moments in Giorgio Armani and contemplating what it is about the designer's creations that keeps her coming back for more.

Samuel L. Jackson

The American actor and producer runs us through his first encounter with Giorgio Armani, who custom-made his looks for the film "Shaft", while also sharing how the designer's passion and craft shaped his perception of refined elegance and played a determining role in his pursuit of a timeless style and aesthetic.

Juliette Binoche

The French actress finds Mr. Armani to be refreshingly straightforward and an honest gentleman, based on the few times she's had the pleasure of interacting with him. She senses his genuine affection and authenticity and especially appreciates the subtle and timeless aspects of his understated designs.

Ai Tominaga

The Japanese model considers Giorgio Armani to be the epitome of luxury; her go-to brand for any major red carpet affair. She recalls an instance, during a fitting, where Mr. Armani specifically chose her runway look on the spot, leaving her awe-struck by his acute attention to detail and perfectionist nature.

Michelle Hunziker

The Swiss and naturalised Italian television host, actress, model and singer, who was dressed by Giorgio Armani himself on her wedding day, tells us what an inspiration he has been to her; the embodiment of passion and perseverance. She acknowledges his deep understanding and respect for people's desires, while also bringing them closer to his vision.

Tadao Ando

The Japanese architect, who designed the Armani/Teatro in Milan, shares his experience working with Mr. Armani, revealing his fascination for the designer's creative decision-making process, along with being profoundly impressed by his kind and generous spirit, with an eye always toward the future.

Cate Blanchett

The Australian actress and theatre director, current global ambassador for Giorgio Armani Beauty and face of the Sì fragrance, expresses her utmost regard for Giorgio Armani while reminiscing about her dearest and most striking Armani creations worn on both public and private occasions.

Hu Ge

Serving as Emporio Armani's testimonial, the Chinese actor and singer reveals what he enjoys most about the spirit of the brand, affirming his intent to endorse those core values to the best of his abilities in order to preserve the essence of what renders the brand truly enduring.

Poppy Delevingne

The English model and actress thinks back to her first Armani show and outfit, describing the traits that in her opinion make the brand iconic, giving her take on what constitutes the modern Armani woman and speaking candidly on how she feels about the man behind it all.

Hidetoshi Nishijima

The Japanese actor, and Giorgio Armani Made to Measure ambassador for Japan, discusses the principles he aspires to live by, influenced by Mr. Armani's unique understanding of the world and ability to interpet it through unwavering focus, passion and creativity.

Li Bingbing

The Chinese actress and singer reflects on what traits, according to her, the term Armani embodies, going into the one-of-a-kind nature of the brand and her unforgettable encounter with the designer she has over time come to respect, admire and befriend.

Sonam Kapoor

The Indian actress identifies the characteristics that she believes distinguish an Armani piece from others within the industry, highlighting the fact that the brand’s outfits have been well-loved, passed down and cherished by her family members for generations serving as a testament to the longevity of the style.

Li Yifeng

The Chinese actor and singer, presently ambassador for Armani Exchange, talks us through his inherently profound and strong connection with the brand, at a physical and deeply emotional level, as well as the honor he feels in being chosen for this role.

Gao Yuanyuan

The Chinese actress and model delves into the meaning of the word Armani, how she first learned of the brand while growing up with a keen interest in the world of fashion, and how Giorgio Armani's ideal ultimately shaped her own view of women centered around elegance, grace and strength.

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