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Men’s Casual Sporty Sportswear - EA7 Highlights

The sports spirit is an integral part of your life and of the Casual Sporty Sportswear highlights from the EA7 Men’s Collection. Wear your favourite sports clothing in the gym and outside and enjoy the comfort and style of EA7.

Choose the vibrant, bright colors of the color Flash line, EA7’s offering designed to represent your youthful soul. Fun, on-trend and eye-catching styles that know how to give your looks a burst of pure energy. Try the color-block T-shirts with a front logo, the sweatshirts and joggers with side stripes: revamped fits, neon colors and symmetrical cuts reinterpret your EA7 branded athleisure style with a modern twist. Do you like to be noticed? In the Men’s Casual Sporty Sportswear highlights, discover the Graphic Series line and enhance your style. Choose from the T-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts and jackets with graphics inspired by the most played sports in the world, those that best represent you and shake up your outfits.

If you are looking for clothing with a sophisticated, elegant mood during your workouts as well, the Gold Label line is the right one for you. Soft, comfortable fabrics featuring 3D-look logo prints and details. Wear the EA7 jersey polo shirts and choose your favourite EA7 top from a vast selection of fits and colors. Or wear items from the Italian Riviera line: refined fabrics and chic styles, such as windproof and rainproof jackets, inspired by the world of sailing. 

Whatever your style or mood, the Casual Sporty Sportswear highlights from the EA7 Men’s Collection know how to satisfy all your needs, always in step with the current trends.

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