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The attention to the well-being and development of employees is one of the five pillars of the Group’s sustainability strategy. More than 8,000 people contribute to building the present and future of the Armani Group through their work on a daily basis. Their experience, culture, decisions and motivation constitute a key factor for creating value. For this reason, the Group is constantly committed to promoting, first and foremost, a serene, environmentally friendly environment, encouraging and developing diverse opinions, outlooks, cultures, ages and genders, and promoting the professional and personal development of all co-workers.

Electric FIAT 500

The environmentally-friendly electric vehicle has been designed in collaboration with FIAT and is part of a charity project in support of Earth Alliance, the non-profit organisation founded by Leonardo DiCaprio that fights climate change and the loss of biodiversity throughout the world.

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COVID-19 Emergency

In consideration of the coronavirus emergency, the Armani Group undertook a series of initiatives to support affected communities.

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The attention to the well-being and development of employees is one of the five pillars of the Group’s sustainability strategy.

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The Armani Group feels an integral part of the area and the communities in which it operates and, over time, has established relationships with institutions, the world of culture and humanitarian associations, supporting projects, including long-term ones, which are in line with its values.

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For the Armani Group, guaranteeing an exclusive and satisfying customer experience is a vital component in its customer-focused approach, which seeks to immerse them in the unique brand identity during every purchasing experience.

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Creating a good product requires creativity, artisanship, experience and the finest materials, with a strong awareness that each type of process has an impact on the surrounding environment.

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Emporio Armani once again pledges its active involvement in sustainable development with a plan for expanding green areas in nine different regions of the world where the brand has a working presence, operating alongside specific local organisations.

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It is only through close cooperation with those involved in the entire value chain that an Armani product can be created and stand the test of time, becoming the perfect expression of fusion between creativity, style and innovation.

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Initiated as of 2016, the Armani Group has deployed a priorities analysis process in alignment with the requirements provided for in international standards relating to sustainability reporting. This process has enabled identification of the most relevant issues for the Group and its stakeholders.

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