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Emporio Armani’s women’s lingerie is an expression of natural elegance and whispered sensuality.

Luxurious fabrics and sophisticated embroidery are featured for women who demand the best, even under their clothes.
The Emporio Armani lingerie collection oozes sophistication and never-ending allure, enhancing every woman’s femininity with classic yet modern taste .

Lace bralettes with refined floral details are perfect under masculine-cut jackets , for an exquisite play of contrasts.

Jersey push-up or triangle bras blend function and fashion. They are available in printed or solid colour immaculate, minimalist styles that are enhanced with distinctive, standout logos .

Innovative fabrics and craftsmanship are applied to intimate wear . The bonding technique creates 100% seamless styles with totally flat edges, eliminating visible panty lines when wearing classic briefs or Brazilian briefs .

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