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Armani Casa

PAMELA Table lamp

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Pamela is a lamp available both in table and floor version. The distinctive feature of this lamp is the thin metal stem, sculpted to resemble a bamboo cane and connected to a circular base developed on more levels. On the table version, the switch/dimmer - featuring the GA logo and a touch technology - is located on the base; on the floor version, it can be found on the stem. Available with truncated cone shade in fabric (white, red or forest green) or in a special micro-perforated elm wood. The intricated design of the latter is inspired by wicker patterns, and creates a special seethrough effect with geometrical reflections of the light. The wood of this shade is coupled with a inner layer of PVC and features decorative metal rings on the borders, as well as two diffuser discs (above and below the light source); the fabric shade, instead, features a upper disc only.

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Product Code: 050393UP0371C0052

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