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Browse the numerous floral arrangements and choose your ideal one among them.


Purple Vanda Orchid and snakegrass on varied plexiglass vase


White Delphinium and flexigrass beams on white resin cilindric vase

_19 4

Garofani Lime carnations and snakegrass loops on varied plexiglass vase

_29 2

Purple Vanda Orchid and typha on varied plexiglass vase


Lime carnations, Equisetum and White Cymbidium Orchid on white resin spherical vase

Armani Fiori S.valentino 1

Heart of fern, cymbidium orchid and red cornus on green onyx vase

Armani Fiori S.valentino 2

Red roses and t-grass on green onyx vase

Armani Fiori S.valentino 3

Scabiosa, phalenopsis orchid and monstera leaves on pink marble vase

Armani Fiori S.valentino 4

Red buttercups and flexigrass on green glass vases

Armani Fiori S.valentino 5

Red and orange roses’ heart with red cornus

Armani Fiori S.valentino 6

Heart of fern, flexigrass and red calla on black zebra stone vase

Armani Fiori S.valentino 7

Pink iris and pink wood on pink marbled laquered wood vase

Armani Fiori S.valentino 8

Red freesia and flexigrass on green mosaic effect laquered wood vase


Silver cornus and miscanthus with paphiopedilum orchids on green Onyx vase


Orange carnations and golden fern on purple resin vase


White phalaenopsis orchid and green & Golden equisetum on ivory plexiglass vase


Golden poligonum branches and paphiopedilum orchid on purple resin vase


Golden Treasure phalaenopsis orchid and chamaerops leaves on ivory plexiglass vase


Red calla lily and silver bamboo on black zebra stone vase

Branched roses and vanda orchids heart

Recycled paper box arranged with dianthus and t-grass

Golden snakegrass and orange phalenopsis orchids on green onyx vase

Green santini, fuchsia phalenopsis orchid and flexigrass on onyx box

Red rulips and steelgrass on black glass vase

Sphere of golden craspedia, orange phalenopsis orchid and golden flexigrass on black zebra stone tray

White tulips, platinum asparagus on black zebra stone vase

Fantasia zantedeschia and chamaerops leaf bouquet

Crystal Blush zantedeschia and white bouvardia bouquet

Ocean Song roses and T-gras bouquet

Patience roses and panicum bouquet

Royal Daphne bouvardia, Red Magic vanda orchids and chamaerops leaves bouquet

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