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Discover all of the carefully studied pieces found in the dedicated Armani/Fiori boutiques.

Armani Fiori SS23_09_153++

White spray roses and lily grass loops on laquered wood cube Gingko Biloba

Armani Fiori SS23_20_273++

Flexi grass structures and Lie-de-vin phalaenopsis on Purple Smoke plexigrass cube

Armani Fiori SS23_26_1920++

Avalanche spray roses on black resin cilynder with woven lily grass cover

_07 1

Bamboo sticks and peach latirus on resin coral sphere

_04 1

Wicker reeds and phalaenopsis orchid flowers on coral resin vase


Equisetum spiral and Muscari flowers on laquered wood vase


Spiked speedwells bouquet and equisetum reeds on white resin sphere

_16 1

White woven calla lilies and Calatea leaves on laquered wood vase

_25 1

Typha swirls and Sapphire vanda orchid on Murano texture plexiglass vase


Purple Vanda Orchid and snakegrass on varied plexiglass vase


White Delphinium and flexigrass beams on white resin cilindric vase


Lime carnations, Equisetum and White Cymbidium Orchid on white resin spherical vase

Calathea leaves and pink turmeric on pink marbled laquered wood vase

Osmundo japonica and pink vanda orchid on pink marbled laquered wood vase

Lilac freesia, philodendro leaves and flexigrass on purple resin vase

Green cornus and purple squill on light blue resin vase

Light blue hydrangea and snakegrass on light blue resin vase

White agapanthus and phormium leaves on mint green vase

Phoenix roebellina leaf and white ornithogallo on mint green resin tray

Phoenix roebellina leaf and purple clematis on blue resin vase

Typha levaes, blue craspedia and blue delphinium on blue resin box

White phalenopsis orchids and poppies on marbled laquered wood vase

Blue hydrangea, white cymbidium orchids and aspidistra leaves on marbled laquered wood vase

White ornithogalum and chamaerops leaves on marbled laquered wood vase

Red lizard floral box with orange nutan and steelgrass

Orange vanda orchids and copper flexigrass on light green onyx vase

Orange carnations, red gloriosa and fern leaves

White vanda orchids, calathea and typha leaves on golden plexiglass vase

Orange heliconie and chamaerops leaves on golden plexiglass vase

Green cymbidium orchids and beargrass on turtle plexiglass vase

Pink anthurium, typha leaves and steelgrass on Blue Japan laquered wood vase

Green fritillary and network calathea leaves on Blue Japan

Green cymbidium and typha leaves on Blue Japan laquered wood vase

Purple vanda orchid and panicum on light green onyx vase

Blue muscari and galax leaves on marbled laquered wood vase

Phalenopsis orchids and snakegrass on light green onyx vase

Pink scabious and typha leaves on marbled laquered wood vase

Orange tulips, orange asparagus and red cornus on turtle plexiglass

White dianthus, white phalenopsis orchids and green cornus on light green onyx box vase

Sunflowers, Karin Aloha phalenopsis orchids and black cordyline leaves on light green onyx vase

Gypsophila, chamaerops leaves and red cornus on light green onyx vase

Blue Magic orchids vanda and coconut leaves on light green onyx vase

Orange shampoo ginger and steelgrass on turtle plexiglass vase

Sunanda Chocolate brown vanda orchids, steelgrass and snakegrass on alabaster vase

Phormium leaves spiral and Arezzo phalenopsis orchids

Cobra leaves spiral and stephanotis flowers

White phalenopsis orchids and snakegrass

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