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Denim fabric weight is expressed in ounces. It ranges from 4 to 15 oz. Lower numbers are lighter in weight. Lightweight denim is comfortable and easy to wear, while heavier denim is more durable and resistant.


This technique is achieved by entirely immersing a fully made garment into a vat of dye. It gives the denim a striking vintage, lived-in look.


Raw denim is made from a unique type of unwashed denim. This denim starts out stiff, but after several wears becomes softer and more form-fitting, without sacrificing durability.


Selvedge denim is made on a shuttle loom, creating self-finished edges. In order to recognise selvedge denim, all you need to do is look at the inside of the cuffs. The stripe with the line in the middle means it won’t fray.


This wash technique utilises abrasive stones. It makes the fabric a lighter colour, creating a worn, vintage look.


A term used to indicate trousers obtained from a single piece of fabric. This process can be recognised by turning the garment inside out and noting the uncut seams. Usually, this type of denim features classic selvedge on the inside.


These jeans and trousers sit above the waistline. Classic high-waisted styles emphasise the figure.


These jeans sit just below the waistline. Thanks to their balanced look, they are extremely versatile and sophisticated.


This style sits low on the waist and close to the hips. As a result, they provide a very casual look.

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