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Since the beginning of his career, Giorgio Armani has strongly felt a link with the communities into whose fabric the activities of the company, and its offices, warehouses and stores have gradually entered.This feeling of being part of the community means not only respecting its needs, but also having the awareness of having received and of receiving value (in terms of land use, work, skills and institutional relations) and could in turn make available resources, knowledge and institutional relations that are useful to communities.The responsibility toward the Community is on of the founding values of the company’s Code of Ethics and is a constant principle of its operations.
Today, as in the past, the efforts of the company continue along three key aims:

1. The cultural roots of the Armani Group, with particular attention to the Italian artistic and cultural heritage to be known, respected and valued.

2. Working with disadvantaged communities, at local and international level, with efforts which are aimed at reducing poverty, supporting research and medical assistance, and the promotion of access to education, socialization and integration.

3. Young people, and the primary importance that is attached to work, training and the ability to study, to improve and express themselves, regardless of their disposable income and family.


    Against a background of increasing social responsibility, the policy of the Armani Group pays particular attention to consumer protection and the impact on the environment, and through projects that are aimed at supporting its business, it aims to involve all stakeholders and its product supply chain.

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    The Armani Group is world renowned for its fashion and lifestyle products, with instantly recognisable aesthetics and a style that has evolved over the years to reflect the current zeitgeist and meet the needs of contemporary consumers, whilst remaining true to its DNA.

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    The Armani Group pays special attention to environmental issues and is committed to preventing and reducing the impact of its activities on the environment.

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