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The manufacturing sites, premises and stores are periodically monitored to ensure regulatory compliance and to foster in them a continuous improvement in the environmental performance, with the reduction of any possible waste of resources and materials.
The main commitments of the Group include:

• the involvement of all staff, through communication and initiatives aimed at raising awareness in order to reduce the consumption of paper, water, and electricity;

• the use of the best available techniques to optimize consumption and minimize waste in the renovation of its buildings;

• the adoption of operational methods and organisational aspects that take environmental protection into account;

• the attention to the differentiation of waste for recycling, carried out within the Company and with the intervention of outside parties.
In order to gradually, but constantly improve its environmental performance, the Group aims to establish, in the short term, quantifiable objectives.


    Against a background of increasing social responsibility, the policy of the Armani Group pays particular attention to consumer protection and the impact on the environment, and through projects that are aimed at supporting its business, it aims to involve all stakeholders and its product supply chain.

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    The Armani Group is world renowned for its fashion and lifestyle products, with instantly recognisable aesthetics and a style that has evolved over the years to reflect the current zeitgeist and meet the needs of contemporary consumers, whilst remaining true to its DNA.

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    Since the beginning of his career, Giorgio Armani has strongly felt a link with the communities into whose fabric the activities of the company, and its offices, warehouses and stores have gradually entered.

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