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Men’s Dynamic Active Athlete - EA7 Highlights

Physical activity doesn’t only involve the physical aspect, it releases serotonin that makes you feel happy.With this in mind, EA7 offers you the clothing highlights from the Men’s Dynamic Active Athlete Collection. A vast selection of athleisure clothing and accessories designed for you to wear for all your workouts.

Based on your requirements and taste, you will find what you need for your high-performance workouts in the EA7 Dynamic Active Athlete Men’s Collection. Try the Vigor7 technology designed to support you perfectly and wear the training trousers, full-zip sweatshirts and T-shirts in technical fabric to guarantee the explosive force of every movement. 

Wear the items from the Ventus 7 line featuring innovative fabric with excellent breathability properties. Freshness and comfort guaranteed for the whole of your training sessions. Let yourself be won over by these shorts in a lightweight, breathable fabric or by activewear in a Natural Ventus7 cotton blend

If you are a tennis champion, the EA7 Tennis Pro Collection offers you shorts and T-shirts in functional technical fabrics with the unmistakable EA7 style. To complete the look there are wristbands, headbands, sneakers and all the accessories you need to give your all in every sport.

Discover all the Dynamic Active Athlete highlights from the EA7 Men’s Collection and add a touch of style to your technical outfits.

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