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by Sarah Moon

19 SEPT 2018 - 6 JAN 2019

Wednesday to Sunday
from 11am to 7pm

I chose to expose a mix of abstract fashion images and less known photographs. I thank Giorgio Armani for his invitation and the freedom he gave me in this exhibition. I have always appreciated his timeless Couture. We both enjoy the challenge of doing more, with less, and of working with or without color.” - Sarah Moon

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Titled ‘From One Season to Another’, the exhibition dedicated to the photographer Sarah Moon showcases a vast collection of her works that span four decades, from the mid-seventies to 2018.
The exhibition displays an extensive timeline of the female artist’s photographic creations. Composed of more than 170 small- to large-scale images, both in colour and black and white, From One Season to Another is the first exhibition of its size dedicated to Sarah Moon in Italy.


The artist grew up both in England and in France. After having worked as a model in Paris, she started practising photography in 1968 going by the name of Sarah Moon. A fundamental part of her development was representing the emancipated and dreaming woman of the ‘70s via the pages of the revolutionary magazine Nova, advertising campaigns for brands such as Biba and Cacharel and then articles for countless fashion publications. In 1985, she started to develop her personal work concentrating on topics such as the fragility of beauty, uncertainty and the passing of time.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and widely published in books. She also directed various films bringing her distinctly dreamy and soft focus aesthetic to the screen which made her one of the leaders in creating contemporary images.


Curated by Sarah Moon herself, From One Season to Another displays side-by-side iconic fashion images and lesser-known photographs of animals, flowers and industrial buildings. For the first time works dating back to the ‘90s that feature dance inspired by Oscar Schlemmar will be exhibited.
Time is a central theme of her work. Her photographic images seem to come from another dimension drawing into focus atemporality and effervescence. They solicit the memory of the viewer by inciting subliminal echoes within the chambers of the mind, just like imaginary postcards or souvenirs from a magical faraway place. The title of the exhibition underlines the passing of time as an intrinsic element in photographic discourse.



Discover the opening event at Armani/Silos for the exhibition From One Season to Another by the photographer Sarah Moon.

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