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Second edition

This year's edition of Armani/Laboratorio, a free and intense training course for creatives
specializing in the field of cinema, will be held from November to December 2018.

We're proud to announce the candidates selected to participate in the second edition of Armani/Laboratorio:

Directing: Jonah Sanchez   |   Screenwriting: Ben Abbott   |   Cinematography: Tomasz Wierzbicki   |   Production Design: Deniz Mahir Dagtekin   |   Editing: Nathanaëlle Gerbeaux and Maria Giménez Cavallo   |   Costume Design: Rossella Oppedisano   |   Makeup: Sveva Casolino   |   Hairstyling: Martina Corrubolo

Armani/Laboratorio introduces students to the fundamentals of filmmaking through a collaboration with established professionals in the industry that act as mentors, combining theoretical work with hands-on practical experience in the field, ultimately leading to the creation of a short film.


The workshop takes a mentor/student approach.

A mentor of reference for each discipline will support student trainees in an effort to foster circularity and the passing on of knowledge among generations to preserve and promote an important cultural and artistic heritage.


Luca Guadagnino: Directing

David Kajganich: Screenwriting

Lucas Gath: Cinematography

Elliott Hostetter: Production Design

Walter Fasano: Editing

Giulia Piersanti: Costume Design

Fernanda Perez: Makeup

Manolo Garcia: Hairstyling



Armani/Laboratorio will be held between the end of November and the beginning of December, comprising theoretical and practical lessons, shooting, editing and finalization of the short film.

All activities will be conducted solely in English.





For the first edition of Armani/Laboratorio, held from November 27th to December 6th, 2017 at the Armani/Silos exhibition space in Milan, the short film "Una Giacca" (A Jacket) was created.

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