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Emporio Armani - eaboarding-location

Emporio Armani's footprint in Milan

The Milan-based brand has left an indelible mark on the city (and vice versa), making it an obvious choice as location,
culminating in a series of initiatives being rolled out in time for the main
attractions: the reveal of the all-new ready-to-wear collection and showstopping musical performance.

Airport with a view: Emporio Armani takes off

Watch Linate's impressive hangar, backdrop that set the stage for the multifaceted Emporio Armani Boarding event, transform and dress up for the special occasion in this time lapse video and see how the action really unfolded.

Linate's Emporio Armani-decked hangar

As soon as a plane lands and parks along Linate's runway, it is immediately apparent that one has landed in Milan – one of the world's most important fashion hubs and home
to Emporio Armani – with the brand's eagle splaying its wings to welcome the city's visitors.


Traveling in Emporio Armani style

Customized trolleys hit the city's streets this month outfitted in Emporio Armani, making it a fun and stylish option
for visitors and residents to roam around town and get in the mood for the event.
So climb aboard and enjoy the unique ride!

Emporio Armani is now ready for boarding

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to begin
our pre-boarding of Emporio Armani Air Flight 20 with non-stop service to the event of the year. Passengers are kindly requested to proceed to gate EA. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready.

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