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Every collection has a story: Over four decades of Giorgio Armani fashion

Giorgio Armani's longstanding bond with Milan dates back to 1957, when the designer first moved to the city to pursue his professional endeavors. Although not his birthplace, it is where he chose to live and work, founding his namesake company over 40 years ago.
In 2015, Giorgio Armani decided to open the Armani/Silos exhibition space in Via Bergognone to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his career and celebrate the momentous milestone.

The space was set up to illustrate his aesthetic philosophy and promote creative talent by hosting contemporary artists and acting as a research hub for young students interested in developing their skills. Originally established as a granary and constructed in 1950, the building now houses outfits and accessories from past Giorgio Armani ready-to-wear collections spanning the 1980s to present day, retracing an evolution of style and offering highlights from the designer’s successful career in the fashion industry.

For the Autumn Winter 2019-2020 collections, Giorgio Armani set out to stage a special fashion show combining menswear and womenswear using Armani/Silos as a unique backdrop to showcase the brand’s rich heritage, history and DNA.

A living space that displays a selection of Giorgio Armani's most memorable creations to date while also looking back at some of the house’s most iconic moments. An ambiance of timeless elegance and style sets the tone for the future times and designs to come.

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