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Emporio Armani - eagle-arcade-beach-tour

FRIDAY 19/07 – SUNDAY 04/08

Sustainable beachwear to feel good about all summer

Be sure to check out the special Emporio Armani Beachwear capsule collection comprised of swimsuits made from 100% recycled nylon fiber, organic cotton t-shirts, sunglasses and other accessories to match.
The goal of this project, aimed at protecting the sea and safeguarding the environment, is to raise awareness about being respectful of the beach and keeping it clean by recycling and separating waste accordingly.

The schedule:

The Spring Summer 2020 beachwear capsule is available exclusively online and at the dedicated temporary stores located on select beaches across Italy, as part of the itinerant Eagle Arcade Beach Tour initiative.

Come have some fun at our designated relaxation areas and help keep our beaches safe and trash free.
By recycling plastic at our Pop up shop, you will have the chance to participate in the foosball tournament - three winners guaranteed daily.

19 - 21 July 2019
La Cinta Beach (San Teodoro, OT, Sardinia)

26 July - 4 August 2019
Été Beach (Gallipoli, LE, Apulia)

Eco-friendly beach essentials

Even a swimsuit can make the difference in changing and improving the future.

Find the look that best suits you from the feminine and contemporary offering available in fresh colors such as pink, light blue and yellow, or the more classic black and dark blue.

Ethical swimwear for the summer

Do your part to help protect the environment by choosing a swimsuit made using 100% recycled material in strong hues such as red, navy blue and green, or regular black and from various different styles, as well as complementary accessories such as beach towels and flip-flops.

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