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Armani Casa

ROWAN Food and drink containers

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Range of kitchen/table accessories made with food safe epoxy resin featuring a marble effect. It comprises a three-level bento box – whose pieces are kept together by a tumbled leather strap with metal buckle, a jug and glasses suitable to be used on terraces and around swimming pools. The spaghetti doser and the rolling pin come in a dedicated case in tumbled azure leather. All pieces feature a carved GA logo. The epoxy resin used on the Rowan range is suitable only for cold meals/food: the products are not fire resistant and must not be used in ovens (both traditional and microwaves), washing machines or as ashtrays. The bento box lids are not secured with gaskets, it is therefore not recommended for carrying liquids. Clean with warm water and wash by hand only. After washing the resin could appear matt: to restore its shiny surface, polish it with a cotton disc and a drop of olive oil.

Product Code: 050576CH1751C1531

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