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  • PARADE Hand-knotted rug - F
  • PARADE Hand-knotted rug - E
  • PARADE Hand-knotted rug - F
  • PARADE Hand-knotted rug - E
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Armani Casa

PARADE Hand-knotted rug

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Parade is marked by plain horizontal lines. The wool background with silk lines in relief creates a three-dimensional canneté-inspired texture. The vertical lines cross the horizontal ones and create the illusions of irregular canneté tiles: the final design is a sort of irregular checkerboard, which echoes another iconic Armani motif. The entire rug is made with the cut technique; the three-dimensional effect is made more evident by the pile of the canneté lines, which is longer than the others. The carpet is hand-knotted without any child labour.

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Product Code: 050497CH0881C0640

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